Questions that
Good Coaches use Questions to Challenge: Thinking, Behaviour and Outcomes
THINKING Questions

Ask yourself: "What do I want this person to be thinking about, planning for, reflecting or considering?"

  • What new ideas or innovations are you specifically thinking about?
  • What have you been reflecting on after last week's meeting?
  • What needs to come into your thinking in order to move that forward?

Ask yourself: "What are some things that this person says or does that I want them to take ownership for?"

  • What have you done differently since the last time we met?
  • How often have you spoken to them since?
  • What exactly did you say when that happened?
OUTCOMES Questions

Ask yourself: "What results, achievements, progress or impacts do you want to challenge them on?"

  • What has been the specific impact of what you have put in place?
  • How far off your objective are you currently forecast to finish?
  • What will happen to your results if you don't do that?